A Jewelry Feast with Top-Class Balgari Antique Jewelry Series III (1955-1959)

Balgari Jewelry 14

Balgari Necklace

Balgari necklace in 18 ct gold and diamonds (ca 1955)

The articulated mount formed of gold palmette motifs, graduated from the centre and each set at the centre with a brilliant cut diamond.

 Balgari Jewelry 15

 Balgari Bracelet


Balgari bracelet in 18 ct. gold and diamonds (ca 1955)

Designed as wide flexible band formed of four rows of gold palmette motifs each set at the centre with a brilliant cut diamond.

 Balgari Jewelry 16

Balgari Earrings


Balgari earrings in white gold with cushion cut rubies, baguette cut diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds (ca 1955).

Each pendent earring is designed as a scroll-shaped surmount supporting a detachable spindle-shaped drop, set throughout with cushion-shaped rubies, baguette and brilliant cut diamonds; the drop is detachable and the ear clip fitting may be adapted to a dress clip.

 Balgari Jewelry 17

Balgari Tremblant Brooch

Balgari Tremblant brooch in platinum with diamonds (ca 1957).

Balgari Jewelry 18

Balgari Brooch


Balgari brooch in platinum set with rubies and diamonds (ca 1958)

Realistically designed as a floral spray, the two flower-heads set with oval cabochon rubies within an undulated border of brilliant cut diamonds, the stem set with baguette diamonds, the leaves with eight and brilliant cut diamonds.

 Balgari Jewelry 19

Balgari Giardinetto Brooch

Balgari Giardinetto brooch in 18 ct. gold, emeralds, rubies and diamonds (ca 1959)

Designed as a potted plant in bloom, the vase formed of an octagonal step cut emerald in a border of brilliant cut diamonds, the flowers and leaves suggested with carved foliate-shaped rubies, circular cabochon cut emeralds and brilliant cut diamonds.

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