Marc Jacobs Valentine’s Day Necklace Watch, An Affectionate Kiss on the Heart of Your Love

Marc Jacobs Kissing Dove Bauble Limited Edition Necklace Watch($1,690) 

Marc Jacobs, a wellknown luxury brand that noted for knowing well on how to enjoy love, and always has many funny and happy ideas hidden in the head. Recently, Marc Jacobsl launched its new series jewelry product -  the romantic and sweet Kissing Dove Bauble necklace watch of limited edition just for the white Valentine’s Day(14, March).

The pattern of the necklace is themed with a pair of pigeons mouth to mouth, which can produce feeling of deep love. Looking at it, you can think of the picture of Marc boy kissing with his sweet girl, it’s so romantic, pure sweet and mild… 

Last, as today(14, March)  is the White Valentine’s day, a special day for lovers, so I wish you all happy and enjoy a memorabble day with your sweetheart…

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