Metamorphosis of Serpenti with Jewelry in Hundred Years

While the image of serpenti is charmful, but it is no suit for all ordinary women,  only those women has strong gas field can manage it, and can perform the true temperament and high grade of serpenti-like jewelry.

Bulgari Serpenti Jewelry

Do you know that the famaous Italian jewellery brand Bulgari has inextricably Greek origins in fact? It is not difficult to understand why Serpenti is Bulgari’s most historical significant Centennial logo,  the classical Bulgari Serpenti series has undergo several times of changes, the earliest one is a realistic shape covered with gems, and then gradually evolved into abstract overall design that increasingly simple to meet the contemporary rhythms.

Dior Coffret de Victoire Ring 

Boucheron Trouble Pendant

Boucheronand  Harami Klossowska Serpenti Arm Bangle 

* Original source: Metamorphosis of Serpenti with Jewelry in Hundred Years

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