Graff Top Fine Jewelry Treasure, Sheding Resplendent Sheens for 2013 Christmas

As the worldwide exultant Christmas season is approaching, accompanied with luxury banquets and festival parties featured with trendy fashion. Wearing a piece of bright shining jewelry, will make you under the highlight and become attention focus at the party.

Graff series Butterfly shape Ruby and Diamond Necklace(total diamonds weights: 49.06 karats, ruby weight: 13.65 kt)

At such an annual festival, Graff jewelry offered a series of unique design jewelry that really different, as well as the Graph classic series jewelry.

Graff butterfly series round and marquise-shaped diamond rarrings(total diamonds weight: 5.30 karats)

No matter noble elegant or extravagant magnificent design, all of them can be brilliant and eye-catching, wearing such a piece of jewelry will show you elegance and liveliness perfectly, make you become the most charming and dazzled star at the party easily.

Graff round and pear-shaped diamond match cushion-cut sapphire necklace (total diamonds weight: 51.39 karats; sapphire weighs 57.78 karats)

Graff hexagonal emerald and diamond ring(diamonds weight:13.19 kt )

Graff TU-shaped yellow diamond and marquise-shaped white diamond bracelet (Total diamonds weights: 42.00 karats)

Graff multi-cut diamond butterfly brooch (Total diamonds weights: 119.99 karats)

Wearing Graff classic butterfly series of jewelry, the gems shining clouds of sheens, the graceful gestures showed by the butterfly flapping wings: nowhere the elegant butterfly stoped, on earrings, or on a gem necklace, all emanates both noble and elegant air that fashionable, and let you can be outstanding elegant at any occasions.

* Originally source: Graff Top Fine Jewelry Treasure, Sheding Resplendent Sheens for 2013 Christmas 

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