Guess Watch Express Wishes to 2009 Christmas


Fashion Jewelry Charms - 2009 Guess Watch


2009 Guess Watch – Symbol Series

Guess watch emerged in this Christmas season, will take the fashion style as it always be, it is just the real Christmas style for Guess. And all creative wrist fashion watches Guess bring you will be bound to become the must-have for the coming Christmas season…

Fashion Jewelry Charms - Guess Christmas Watch

 2009 Guess Watch – 25 Anniversary Series

Guess Girls love to show the classic Guess logo, and to show their attitude of trend and mind of Christmas in this colorful winter.

Fashion Jewelry Charms - Fashion Guess Watch

2009 Guess Watch – Wrist Candy Series

GUESS Watches are designed for those young people who full of energy and chase after fashion in the world, which began to promote to the world in 1983.

GUESS lady watches are chic and fashion, GUESS men’s watches are characterized by technology, design and materials mixed with inspiration. Today GUESS Watches are welcomed in the market in more than 30,000 regions in 70+ countries, and are the main sales region concentrated in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, Middle East and South Africa and so on.

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