Riffle of Meditation, YSL 2010 Early Spring Series Agate Jewelry

Recently series of major jewelry brands are begin to put their early spring series product into the market successively, and the early spring series is also a holiday series.

 Fashion Jewelry Charms - YSL 2010 Early Spring Series Agate Jewelry


YSL 2010 Early Spring Series Necklace

In cold winter, people are inclined to go to resort areas with sunny seaside to have a vocation, so the jewelry products launched in this season are inclined to be leisurely and gorgeous which conform to the summer style, among them, the YSL 2010 early spring series agate jewelry are eye-catching especially.

Actually it is not just in a holiday mood to appreciate both the two YSL jewelry, as we stayed in a dry air-conditioned room will also be moved by its ripple-like clearness.

Fashion Jewelry Charms - YSL 2010 Early Spring Series Agate Bangle

YSL 2010 Early Srping Series Agate Bangle

It is not difficult to get a beautiful jewelry, while difficult to get a comfortable one. YSL combined the rough natural materials and the artificial modification into one perfectly, especially for the YSL bangle (in the above picture), the round agate on the center of gold bracket is seemed to be chiseled out directly, and had not go through any polishing, and the hand-shaped bracket is also as a product of less-developed casting techniques, which is not enough smooth and perfect; and on the contrast, the big round blue agate is be polished extremely smooth, just like a calm water, which is on the verge of one touch.

Emphasizing on natural quality is in order to meet the people’s desire for natural and exotic culture, but the design purpose is not only to use these materials, but to show the beauty of natural material, and make people can really felt charmed with them. YSL did it, who not only has taken agate, but also opened its kernel out.

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