The Jewelry Trend in This Autumn: Flashing Green with The Perfect Match of Black and White


Undeniably, in the new quarter green become one of the most flashing and the brightest color of jewelry, and at the same time the eternal classic in the fashion industry — black and white, as a color combination of jewelry returns also has become the hottest trend in this season. 


You can witness this classic return at T-stages shows for this autumn and winter everywhere, just as black diamonds matched with white gems, or agate matched with white enamel or sapphire, so many combinations like these just announced that such a casual but classic trend of beauty and jewelry has returned again.

Black and white is casual as well as creative, you can wear the jewelry to attend a cocktail party or wear it with jeans and T-shirt to participate a small activity at the weekend, these jewelry and accessories full of spirits are capable of assisting you play your unique charms fully.

* Original address of this fashion jewelry post: The Beauty and Charms of Fashion Jewelry

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