New Fashion Gadget in the Future, Android Launched Smart ‘Watch Phone’

 Look, there’s coming a new Fashion gadget soon, Android’s smart watchphone – i’mWatch.

Android i’mWatch

Ever since Fifties detective Dick Tracy had a two-way radio built into his watch, the watch-phone has been the stuff of geeky dreams.

The reality, though, has been a little different. Not only are “real” watchphones such as LG’s model gigantic, cuff-shredding monsters, they don’t really DO anything.

But all that’s set to chance with the touch screen i’mWatch – tipping the scales at a svelte 70g, and offering a little more than a really undignified way to hold a conversation by talking to your cuff.

There is even a special “App store” built for apps that might work on a 1.5-inch LCD screen – in other words, almost no Android apps currently available.

There is at least a 4GB memory chip built in, so you’ll at least have plenty of space to store them.

Naturally, this being the world of watches, there are jewelled versions designed to part yacht owners from their money – costing? 10,286. The ordinary model is ?234.

The small screen size could be a blessing, though – it’ll last two days between charges, although as ever with claimed battery life, we’ll believe that when we’ve tested the thing for six months.

Standard smartphone functions such as email and weather reports will be built in. Mr Bertolini said: “In the near future, with i’mWatch it will be possible to turn the heating, the washing machine and the dishwasher on and off.”

“In the house of the future, where home automation will control and manage many white goods, i’mWatch will be able to integrate perfectly.”

The watch will go on general sale in the later part of 2012.

* Original address of this fashion jewelry post: New Fashion Gadget in the Future, Android Launched Smart ‘Watch Phone’

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