Pixie Lott’s High Street Jewelry

Pixie Lott maybe partial to a Dolce & Gabbana fringed bag, but Pixie Lott isn’t all about designer clobber, for example, some cute necklaces are all for her, and the necklaces she wearing are all very cute.

Recently Pixie Lott has been see wearing a styling of super classic metal Eiffel Tower design necklace (worth 27.95 pounds) and a styling of cutest carved crystal perfume bottle necklace(worth 14.95 pounds).

Luckily Pixie’s a girl after our own hearts and her taste in jewelry is not only super-cool but affordable too. Both the Eiffel Tower Pendant £27.95 and the No.5 pendant £14.95 are from jewelry brand Preshhus and available from

* Original address of this fashion jewelry post: The Beauty and Charms of Fashion Jewelry

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