How did Color Diamonds Formed? (II) — Pink-Red-Green Diamond Chapter

Pink Diamond

The color of pink diamond is the result of distortion of crystal lattice. Rather light pink or rose color are both fresh and elegant as well as luxuriant and shining, which is make think of romantic love and in the favor of many people.

At the wedding of Shah Pahlavi, the king of Iran in 1958, the crown he worn was enchased with a huge size pink diamond (weighs 60kt approx.) named “Bright Eye”.

Red Diamond


Generally, transparent diamonds varied from pink to bright red were formed for results of special lattice distortion happened during the forming process of the diamond, among which “blood diamond” is a much rare species with its blood red color, there is only one classification for red diamonds, that is Fancy Red, and no divisions of Fancy Intense, Vivid and Light red.

The world’s largest red diamond was discovered by a farmer in Brazil, the diamond is called “Moussaieff Red” Diamond, it was been cut into a triangle, weighs 5.11 carats,. Although in comparison with other diamonds, the weight of “Moussaieff Red” Diamond is not worth mentioning, but it is the biggest one in red diamonds, its value can not be estimated for its weight only, but depends more on its color.

Green Diamond


As color diamonds are rare, natural green diamond is rather rare. The reason is due to the forming conditions of green diamond are rather complicated and difficult.

As we all know that the formation of diamonds requires an environment with high temperature and high pressure, while natural green diamonds are generally through the process of natural radiation without heat, a diamond even had taken through a natural high temperature process, if the time are not enough long or the temperature is not high enough, its color will not changed yet.

Most of natural green diamonds contain a rather high nitrogen level, and most of them are showing green to light green, but as colors are generally shown at the surface of the diamond, rather bright colors are very rare, so bright green diamond with even shades has extra-excellent value.

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