A Jewelry Feast for You Specially

Preface: If you are a fans of gorgeous color gems and jewelry, if your has studied in the jewelery filed for long time, if you still have yearning to many different kinds of charms and fashion accessories, then this high-profile, most popular, the industry’s most influential China international Jewellery Fair, you are absolutely not to be missed!

It was the Jade jewellery that stole the show at China’s 2010 International Jewellery Fair with over 900 jewellery makers filling Beijing’s International Exhibition Centre.

The iconic Chinese stone – which has been used for ceremonial purposes for many thousands of years – features in rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Yang Peng, deputy general manager of the Colourful Yunnan Jewellery Company – one of western China’s leading producers – is confident that precious stone is a sound investment.

He says: “Jade jewellery is the top among luxurious jewellery and has seen huge sales increase in China. As raw materials for jade are running out and the price for jewellery keeps going up. Many people buy jewellery not only to have spiritual enjoyment but also to keep it for rise in its value. They may see good jewellery could become 60 or even 100 times more valuable just in ten years.”

Buying jewellery has become more popular in China with wages increasing sharply. Many flocked to the exhibition to buy some jade.

Show visitor Jia Xiaoting, from Beijing, says: “Jade jewellery is the best in an amulet. As the saying goes: ‘Gold is precious, but jade is priceless.’ And jade jewellery is also a very traditional gift in Chinese culture. I am more interested buying jade jewelry as a decoration for myself.”

Last year sales of jewellery in China reached 220 billion RMB (about $33 billion), says China’s Gems and Jewellery Trade Association. It predicts jewellery sales could increase by over 20 percent this year.

“As China’s economy grows and people’s living standard improves and consumption increases, the jewellery industry in China will develop faster and better. We will try to set up a new image and serve as a bigger contributor for the economic growth through this jewellery fair,” says Sun Wensheng, head of Gems and Jewellery Trade Association of China.

China is one of the world’s largest jewelry producers and exporters, especially in pearl and jade jewelry.

The five day jewelry fair – now in its eleventh year – attracts over 90,000 visitors. The show runs from May 11 – 15.

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