Jewelry E-Business in China II: Major Problems Existed in Jewelry Online Shopping


According to related statistics, by the end of 2008, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 263 million, and of all Internet users there is a nearly 15% proportion of which have had an experience of online shopping, and the exactly number is more than 30 million people.

These data indicates that China owned the largest group of Internet Users in the world, and we could conduct easily that the potential consumption power is very enormous. However, the online shopping of jewelry is not as best-selling as other products, the above statistics is still hard to inspire the staff who engaged in the e-commerce of jewelry enough.

“The problem that hindered the rapid development of jewelry e-commerce is not the poor conditions of logistics, transportation and transfer payments and so on technical means, but the mainly crux is how to make the consumers trust the jewelry products that sold on the internet” Said Mr. Liu Zhijun, the senior adviser of Buy-Sale-Jewelry Net. As a type of commodity with rather higher value and price, there are many problems existed which make consumers hard to set their heart at rest when they are go through the online shopping of jewelry.

Below are the first-line three problems that currently hindered the online shopping of jewelry:

First of all, the problem is confused prices. Although the jewelry prices for online shopping is rather of is very low, but after many businesses priced their products randomly, and to sell seconds jewelry at best quality prices price, or swindling consumers with fine jewelry products, customers gradually lost their confidence to the jewelry shopping online….

The second problem is there is not a standard certificate for the jewelry shopping. At present, although many businesses claimed in their product descriptions that they have a variety of certificates, but for the present the use of these certificates is rather than normative, in particular the certificate for diamonds is rather mixed and confused, mot of diamond jewelry shopped online are equipped with international English certificate, but a lot of international certificates entered China were not get their pass through the Diamond Exchange, and if consumers bought these diamond jewelry through the Internet, in the event of problems to the shopping, whose rights and interests are very difficult to get a safeguard.

Thirdly, the lack of after-sales service is also a major problem that existed in the online shopping of jewelry. Some jewelry companies and sellers are still far away from providing adequate after-sales service and quality assurance, as well as a poor ability to provide a satisfied service of maintenance and exchanging & refunding. Aside from this, the phenomenon of the jewelry photos displayed online are not conformed with the practical commodity is also common, the jewelry customer get in hand is not very same with the jewelry showed on the internet, as well as it’s difficult to find a proper way to lodge their complaints…

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