A Bejewelled Barbie Become the World’s Most Expensive Barbie

A Barbie doll with a pink diamond necklace got a new record price with $302,500 on an auction in New York, this price make this doll become the world’s most expensive Barbie. The previous world auction record for a Barbie was US$17,091 set in 2006. The auction revenue will be used for charity as reported.

In the packed auction room the bidding was brisk for lot 358, a Barbie doll quite unlike any you have ever seen before. This version of the all-American blonde toy was dressed in a black strapless evening dress, with a pink diamond necklace matching her pink peeptoe stiletto heels.

It was the diamonds which drove Barbie’s price up to US$302,500. Who bought her? An anonymous bidder. The price was at the lower end of the estimates that Christie’s, the auction house, had put.

The jewellery designer Stefano Canturi, who created this Barbie and her necklace, says investors are taking refuge in rare gems right now because of uncertain economic times. The prices of diamonds and coloured jewels have gone up 20% over the past year, according to the auction house Christie’s.

The proceeds from the sale of the bejewelled Barbie will go to Breast Cancer Research.

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