Harry Winston’s Special Diamond Gift Jewelry for the Coming Romantic Valentine’s Day

As the sweet Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the world-renowned top grade Jewelry brand HARRY WINSTON contributed a best romantic holiday memory launch designed for lovers with its unique design and exquisite cut — Garland Collection Series Jewelry. As they are so familiar with the cadence and beauty of gems, which turned into eternal and brilliant romance, and produce sweet moods within lovers.

Garland Series Diamond Necklace

Platinum base, round, horse eye shaped and droplet-shaped cutting diamonds, the total weight of diamonds is 45.89 karats.

Garland Series Diamond Earrings

Garland Collection continues the classic unique cluster mosaic design of HARRY WINSTON, based on open cluster, diamonds arrayed from the center to outside, thus to show a more blossoming visual effects.

Garland Open Heart Diamond Pendant

Circular and droplet-shaped cut diamonds, the gross weight of diamonds is 3.76 carat

In order to respect the uniqueness of each gem, HARRY WINSTON never choose a gem after the design drawing of jewelry finished, they always scrabble brooches, necklaces or earrings according to the original shapes of the gems, thus to show the original brilliance of original stones.

Garland Series Diamond Pendant Earrings

Round, horse eye shape and droplet-shaped cut diamonds, the gross weight of diamonds is 6.47 karats.

Garland Series Diamond Pendant Earrings

In addition, the exquisite cutting and beautiful layout and combination of Garland Collection Series jewelry, has even created a more luxurious and gorgeous beauty of romance.

There’s another type non-falling style earrings in Garland series, platinum base, round, horse eye shape and droplet-shaped cut diamonds, the diamond weights 4.88 karats.


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