The Best Jewelry for 2011 Fall

Fall 2011 Jewelry Trends! We have compiled all of the fabulous jewelry trends on the runway for your viewing pleasure…


Before you click through to see and shop our editors’ picks, keep these tips in mind:

Tip 1: Bigger is better

Bigger is better and actually lets you get away with less. Wearing one giant cuff bracelet or sticking to just a statement necklace packs a punch.
Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to mix your metals.

There’s no law that says you have to wear gold with gold or silver with silver. A pewter cuff thrown into the mix with thin gold bangles looks fresh and modern.
Tip 3: Layer your necklaces

You’re already layering your clothes, so why not layer your necklaces? Double up on a long chain, or pile on multiple chest-grazing pieces to create your own cool, unique look.

Thanks in part to the stunning Fall collections from Lulu Frost, Eddie Borgo, Kelly Wearstler, and more, we’re feeling charmed and dangerous. The revival of sculptural glamour and natural materials has us smitten, and seeing old favorites like ribbon necklaces and two-finger rings is beyond exciting (personally, I’m still waiting on slap bracelets to make a comeback).

There are so many new pretty pieces out there that it may actually make your head spin — which is why we’ve selected 20 of the best baubles to bring your Fall outfits into glam territory.

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Diamonds Collection Become the New Fashion Darling in China

As we all know, a sparkling diamond wedding ring always confirms sweet love, as well it is also a symbol of eternal love and marriage. At the same time, choose and buy diamond wedding rings can also target for collection investment. Now in China, diamond rings collection in the market has a highly rising prospects, but so what are you still waiting for?

Diamonds sparkle in a display window. This gem is in big demand in China.

The country’s growing purchasing power has boosted the diamond market, already the second-largest in the world after surpassing Japan last year.

Lovers are feeding the frenzy for this most romantic of gemstones. Shao Rongwen is shopping for a diamond with her fiancé Zhu Zhenhai. She says couples are likely to look for diamonds as a symbol of everlasting love. When she grows old, she hopes to remember her younger days whenever she looks at her gem.

“I think that as long as couples want to get married, they want to own a diamond to prove that their love will last forever. If I grow very old, when I look at the diamond, it will remind me of the good old times. Diamonds never change.”

Around 14 million couples get married every year in the country, according to the Civil Administration Bureau of China. And the precious gem industry estimates that 30 percent of those about to walk down the aisle purchase diamonds.

But the approach of the Chinese buyers is a bit different with many going online for their first contact with the glitzy world of diamonds.

Zhu says he feels comfortable buying diamonds online because he trusts the third parties that provide payment support.

“Nowadays online shopping is the trend, and more people have adapted themselves to it. Now, with the third-party payment support, I think that shopping online has become quite reliable, even for such things as diamonds.”

The total value of all diamond imports and exports in the country reached 2.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2010. But in the first half of 2011, the value of diamond exchanges surpassed 1.8 billion dollars, with estimates that the final year’s figure will top 3.8 billion.

On the retail market, total jewelry sales in 2010 reached more than 38 billion dollars, and one out of five of precious gems sold was believed to be a diamond.

At a time when investors are trying to avoid the eroding effects of inflation on cash savings, China’s nouveau riche are considering investments beyond real estate, gold and company stocks. This is one reason why they have turned to jewelry and diamonds.

Pan Bing, Manager of the diamond processing center in Shanghai for Lao Fengxiang, a local brand with a 168-year history in the jewelry industry, says many wealthy Chinese are attracted to investing in large, quality diamonds because they are easy to carry and store.

“After they have enough money, they start to think about investments. Diamonds are very easy to carry, to stock, and they hold their value well. So, many rich people will consider buying high quality diamonds, and big diamonds.”

International jewelers such as De Beers, Cartier, Bulgari or Tiffany, have all set up flagship stores in mega-cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

And even if the Chinese market can be hard as a diamond to break, they have plans to increase their presence in smaller cities too.

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A Perfect Fairy Tale World created by Dior Chef Jewelry Designer Victoire de Castellane


The Dior “Belladone Island” and “Milly Carnivora” jewelry series design by Victoire de Castellane:


Lost  Plant and Animal Forms


Exotic Floral and Fruits Style

Fantasy Romantic Retro Style

Superb Lacquer Process

Three-Dimensional Carved Jewelry World

Mixed Media Design

Jewerly designer: Victoire de Castellane – Chef Designer of Dior Jewelry

About Victoire de Castellane:

The Jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane is the descendants of Provence Count Family, a prominent French family, the Provence family has a long history which can dating back to the ninth century AD. In the childhood of Victoire, she just like a flower seed, nurtured and grown by her noble and refined grandmother Sylvia Hennessy and her grandmother’s good friend Barbara Hutton who came from the royal family, so the distinctive identity of Victor doomed her unique journey of life.

Affected by her grandmother, Victoire fond of jewelry, and demonstrated a remarkable creative talent when she was still five years old, at that time she was able to break up pendants and bracelets and made them into exquisite earrings; when she grown into twelve years old, she can melt the saint medal to create a ring. When Victoire has grow up, Victoire affected with sparkling gems, and the same time began to show her amazing design talent.
Victor has engaged in jewelry design for Chanel(a French fashion brand) for 14 years long, and in 1998 she was designated as the first chief designer of fine jewelry for Dior of all time of this French fashion brand.

Victoire specializes in design Jewelry with unusual flowers & exotic fruits style, who prefer to use thick and gorgeous colors, which may people catch a reminiscent of the psychedelic temperament that the works created by surrealist master Salvador Dali featured. Recently, Victoire designed the “Belladone Island” and “Milly Carnivora” jewelry series for Dior, a top-grade French jewelry brand, and make a different annotation for the Dior jewelry design.

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When Swarovski meets with Hello Kitty

SWAROVSKI, as the world’s leading crystal manufacturer and fashion brand, on June 29, the Swarovski company in Tokyo, Japan exhibited a Hello Kitty decoration mosaic with 19,636 crystal beads. Swarovski only made 88 pieces of the figurine, 25 of which will be out in Japan. Each Swarovski-studded Hello Kitty figurine is priced at $14,800.

Hello Kitty, Japan’s famediconic cat, has been reborn with Swarovski crystals. Collaboration between the Austrian jewelry maker and Japan’s Sanrio Corporation aims to help bring in money for survivors of the twin disasters in March.

Hello Kitty has a new, sparkling look, thanks to Swarovski.

A showroom on Tokyo’s Omotesando fashion street displays accessories from tiny earrings to melon-size figurines.

This 20-centimeter-tall Hello Kitty has a price tag of more than 14-thousand US dollars. The limited edition is only available for 88 fans around the world.

 Swarovski says it wants to bring some cheer to Japanese suffering from the twin natural disasters of March.

Robert Buchbauer, CEO of Swarovski, said, “She’s just a nice, cute, adorable character. She’s just a symbol of happiness, and I think it’s very important these days to transmit some positive messages to the people, and I think Hello Kitty is perfect in order to do so.”

Buchbauer stressed the need for emotional, as well as concrete support.

Buchbauer said, “Japan has a long way to fully recover from all the things that have happened in the past few months. I think at the same time it is important to think positively, to think forward, to think ahead, and to create a positive mood again in order to optimistically look into the future.”

Swarovski says they will auction off nine Hello Kitty figures, designed by Japanese celebrities to be exhibited at the launching event.

The proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to help restoration efforts in northeastern Japan.

Now the very famous Japanese tourist spot House of Hello Kitty houses five fan booths for Swaroski and Hello Kitty. One item included in the collection is a limited edition Hello Kitty figurine set in 19,636 pieces of crystals each applied by hand.

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