A Colorful World of Water: Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Color Gem Series Jewelry

Summer is the season that belongs to color sunlight, now let’s share this colorful and gorgeous fashion summer with color gems,  here I’d like to recommend you the famous jewelry brand: Bvlgari, which comes from Italy and its new series jewelry – Mediterranean Eden Colorful Gem Series, this series jewelry owned design lines that very modern soft, which can highlight women soft characters just like water, mix a variety of natural color gem stones, it glows a type of lively and natural fashion sense.

Here please find the whole series of Balgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry, 18K gold material, set with amethyst beads and dotted with densely diamonds. 

Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 1 – Bvlgari Color Gem Earrings

Balgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 2 – Bvlgari Color Gem Bracelet 

Balgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 3 – Bvlgari Color Gem Earrings

Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 4 – Bvlgari Color Gem Ring

Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 5 – Bvlgari Color Gem Necklace

Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 6 – Bvlgari Color Gem Necklace

Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 7 – Bvlgari Color Gem Necklace

Bvlgari Mediterranean Eden Series Jewelry 8 – Bvlgari Color Gem Ring

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MIKIMOTO 2011 Spring Summer Series Jewelry Onwards

MIKIMOTO 2011 Spring Summer series jewelry, that was inspired by dandelion, its English name comes from the French ‘dent-de-lion’. A simple, pure and sincere feeling of happiness.

Japanese Akoya Pearl 18K Pink Gold Pendant with Diamonds (HR05473, sell for $1,808)

The coming of spring, always make us reminder lying on a grass ground when we were still a child, looked up at the vast blue sky, the sunlight sprinkling down on the ground from heaven, gusts of spring breeze blowing pieces of clouds,  the wind also blowing ballooning dandelions in the wind.

Those white dandelions in the wind then changes into many small white umbrellas taking with seeds and flying high in the sky,  and to take rich and brand new lives to wherever they flying to, and  the same time take a pieces of beautiful and colorful colors to our mother earth.  And those small white umbrellas embraced the earth with their naïve hearts, and take happiness to the hearts of you and all people you loved.

Japanese Akoya Pearl 18K Pink Gold Earring with Diamonds (HR05337, sell for $1,955)

In this spring and summer, on faces full of love and smiles, MIKIMOTO found a sweet agreement with dandelions.

Brilliant and crystal clear Japanese Akoya pearls, matched with flashing diamonds, the small white umbrella landing  the blessings of happiness from heaven into the jewelry.

Japanese Akoya Pearl 18K Pink Gold Ring with Diamonds (HR05434, sell for $2,000)

The series jewelry also be provided with small size of Japanese Akoya Pearl 18K pink gold bracelet with diamonds, it is so cute and unique!

Japanese Akoya Pearl 18K Pink Gold Bracelet with Diamonds (HD00042, sell for $1,160)

Japanese Akoya Pearl 18K Pink Gold Bracelet with Diamonds (HD00041, sell for $1,544)

Since May 6, 2011, these dandelion elfins are available from MIKIMOTO specialized stores.

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Bvlgari 2011 New Serpenti series Watch

Guide: Many different cultures have a same values that eternal, and the image of snake always been inseparable with human’s civilization. This is also reflected in the long history of Bvlgari’s development course, now the new Serpenti series wrist watch of  Bvlgari produce a classic reborn of this eternal youth symbo.

Once, twice … . 2011 the new Serpenti series wristwatch will reproduce its enduring charm with amazing 7 winding circles . Bvlgari symbolic Serpenti series watches through perfect integration with feminine temperament, delivers sublime respect to the historic beauty which pass and bear the essence of nature appetency.

The new Serpenti series watch adhering to the decades of classic style of  Bvlgari, explores the perfect combination between watch manufacturing and jewelry  techniques.

A symbol of land and water, emblem of knowledge and life, a sign of immortality and regeneration, can you see more different connotations?

Smart winding wrist, pours unlimited charming enchanting.

As a source of millions of classic inspirations, Serpenti series achieved a perfect integration of the serpent shape with Tubogas bangle,  another logo product of Bvlgari.

Serpenti series new watch equipped with custom designed Bvlgari Swiss quartz movement. As a classic jewelry reborm, the gold or polished stainless steel watch with 7 laps winding strap, produce stark contract with the silver drawbench dial and oval cut pink gems which inlaid on the watch crown, which makes the whole watch shines greatly.

The Serpenti series new watches have unique style as well as exquisite workmanship. The top version of the rose gold pattern has 7 laps winding wound on the arm, showing unsurpassable nobility, on the front face of the dial there are mounted with 38 brilliant cut diamonds (0.293 kt), around which in the center there are 190 brilliant cut diamonds (0.82 carats) setted in the dial, while the eternal snake-shape special for the Serpenti series fully show its signal time dimension.

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Marc Jacobs Valentine’s Day Necklace Watch, An Affectionate Kiss on the Heart of Your Love

Marc Jacobs Kissing Dove Bauble Limited Edition Necklace Watch($1,690) 

Marc Jacobs, a wellknown luxury brand that noted for knowing well on how to enjoy love, and always has many funny and happy ideas hidden in the head. Recently, Marc Jacobsl launched its new series jewelry product -  the romantic and sweet Kissing Dove Bauble necklace watch of limited edition just for the white Valentine’s Day(14, March).

The pattern of the necklace is themed with a pair of pigeons mouth to mouth, which can produce feeling of deep love. Looking at it, you can think of the picture of Marc boy kissing with his sweet girl, it’s so romantic, pure sweet and mild… 

Last, as today(14, March)  is the White Valentine’s day, a special day for lovers, so I wish you all happy and enjoy a memorabble day with your sweetheart…

* Original address of this fashion jewelry post: The Beauty and Charms of Fashion Jewelry