Useful Tips about Jade Jewelry Care

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As a natural gemstone, jade is endowed with strong toughness, but you can not take the features of jade as jade is not afraid of beating and knocking. You should know that jade is also requires careful maintenance, and when you wearing jade jewelry, you should try your best to avoid falling from high place or knocking with hard objects, especially for jade jewelry  with a few cracks or flaws, which are very easy to break or be damaged.

Jade jewelry is a symbol of elegancy and holiness, if it was contacted with oil stains for a long-term, and oil stains is easy to stick on the surface, and affected its gloss and brilliance. Sometimes the polluted grease will filled into the cracks along the jade jewelry, and make it unsightly. Therefore, when wearing jade jewelry, it is important to keep jade jewelry clean, and clean it with neutral detergent and soft cloth, and polish it with silk fabric after wipe them dry.

Carved jade jewelry, are often be waxed thus to increase their beauty and gloss, so jade jewelry should be far away with acid, alkali and organic solvent.

Even for jade jewelry without waxing, as they are multi-mineral aggregations, so you should also keep them avoid meeting with acid and alkali in a long-term. These chemical reagents all could cause corrosions on the surface of jade jewelry.

On the other way, jade jewelry should not be stored in refrigerator for a long-term, because over time jade jewelry will be “water loss” and turn dry….

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