Cartier Cufflinks – Men’s Fine Jewelry

Renown as “the Jeweler for King”, Cartier contiunued to launches new pieces jewelry for men. Cartier cufflinks, undoubtedly are top choice of men’s jewelry.


Cartier twist carved enamel cufflinks (rose gold inlayed with diamonds and blue enamel)

Cartier “Double C” symbol decorative cufflinks (plated rhodium platinum inlayed with fine diamonds)

Cartier Catamount design cufflinks (24K gold inlayed with fine diamond and black enamel)

Cartier Football design cufflinks (plated rhodium platinum inlayed with fine diamonds and black onyx)

Cartier Entrelacés cufflinks (24K gold)

* Originally source:¬†Cartier Cufflinks – Men’s Fine Jewelry

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